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Keep Them Chewing

Keep Them Chewing

Chinchilla Care Tip Video #1: Keep Them Chewing.

Chinchillas teeth are constantly growing, so they constantly need to chew on wood and pumice to wear their teeth down. If a chinchilla is not provided with enough to chew on, their teeth will continue growing and they will suffer from an infliction called malocclusion.

When choosing wood for your chinchilla, care is required. The wood should be absolutely pesticide-free, and not treated, glued, or painted. Collected wood should also be soaked in hot water, then dried. You can also purchase wood and chew sticks commercially.

Do your research to ensure that the wood you give is safe and not toxic to chinchillas! The chew block and house featured in this video is made of dry white pine, and is completely chew-safe.

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