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Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

Chinchilla Care Tip Video #4: Timothy Hay.

Chinchillas have a sensitive digestive system, so providing it with a healthy diet is essential. A high quality, hay-based pellet and a constant supply of loose timothy hay will meet all of their dietary needs.

Timothy Hay is very fibrous and helps the proper functioning of the chinchilla’s digestive system. As the chewed hay moves through the intestine, the high fiber content aids in the passage of food. It also helps wear down the chinchilla’s constantly growing teeth.

Alfalfa hay is also sold as a main ingredient in chinchilla feed. Each has its place in the chinchilla’s dietary needs and should not be substituted for one or another. Alfalfa Hay is rich in calories and calcium, while timothy hay is less-fattening and has much less calcium.¬†Therefore, during the developmental stages of the chinchilla’s life or during its pregnancy, for example, Alfalfa Hay can be offered. But once the chinchilla reaches adulthood, it should be switched to a Timothy Hay diet.

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