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Welcome to ChinTubeHD!

Welcome to ChinTubeHD! has just relaunched with new upgrades for closer integration with our social platforms. If you are a chinchilla owner or love cute animals, was created for you! This site consists of a blog dedicated to all things chinchilla, and features media streams from our YouTube and Instagram platforms to provide you with a rich and entertaining experience. We are also working hard on some new blog categories that will be introduced later this year, which we are really excited about.

One of our goals continues to be tighter integration with pet lovers and the chinchilla community. Our hope is that the blog will soon feature stories, videos, and photos submitted by our readers. Submissions can be made through the contact page, and will go through a screening process before getting featured. And as always, thanks for visiting!

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  1. Thank you i have been looking forward to a new chin vid

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